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Our Legacy Brands

Our legacy spans more than six decades through pioneering Packaging, Recycling, and Reusable solutions across more than 20 brands. Guided by our past with visions for the future, our former brands have united together within Pact Group to lead the Circular Economy together.

Proud of our past and proud of our progress

While our former brand names cease to exist, the experience, technology, customer relationships, and strong reputation remain to guide the Group’s vision to lead the Circular Economy. The expertise across our vast range of legacy brands has come together to provide world-class Packaging, Reuse, and Recycling solutions.


Alto has been operating for more than 70 years across New Zealand and Australia. Collectively, Alto specialised in extrusion, thermoforming, blow moulding, and injection moulding. Alto was acquired by Pact Group in 2006.

Alto’s product range can now be found in Pact Packaging.


Astron has been Australia’s leading plastic recycler and supplier of IBC’s and Drums for large format packaging. Known for high-quality products and a consistent supply of quality recycled materials, Astron’s sustainability portfolio had set the standard for recycling and reusing. Astron was acquired by Pact Group in 2011.

Astron recycling services can now be found in Pact Recycling.

Astron IBC & Drum products are located in Pact Packaging – Bulk.

Auckland Drum

Auckland Drum was one of New Zealand’s leading drum reconditioning and recycling facilities. Auckland Drum was acquired by Pact Group in 2006.

Auckland Drum products can now be found in Pact Packaging – Bulk.

Auckland Drum recycling services can be located in Pact Recycling.


Founded in 1996, Baroda was a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging products in Australia. Acquired by Pact Group in 2007, Baroda products have formed a core part of the Pact Packaging portfolio.

Baroda products can now be found in Pact Packaging.


For more than 30 years, Brickwood has been a pioneer in plastic packaging. As Australia’s leading milk and juice packaging supplier and Brickwood was recognised worldwide as leaders in blow-moulding, PET manufacturing, and pre-form and injection technologies that produce recyclable plastic containers, closures and industrial products. Brickwood was acquired by Pact Group in 2010.

Brickwood products are now part of Pact Packaging.


For more than 20 years Cinqplast has been providing its customers with innovative products and customer service based on wide-ranging expertise, while constantly improving our product quality, function, reliability and convenience.

A recognised name in the Sydney plastic manufacturing industry, Cinqplast utilises ‘world best’ equipment to supply both FMCG and niche products into the Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

Cinqplast products are now located in Pact Packaging.

Closure Systems International

Closure Systems International (CSI) is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative closures for a wide range of applications in consumer and industrial markets. Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonics, teas, adult beverages, dairy, foods, pharmaceuticals, and automotive fluids. Pact Group aquired the CSI Asia operations in 2018.

CSI products can now be found in Pact Packaging – Closures.


Viscount FCC supply New Zealand fresh produce growers with returnable packaging solutions. The reusable crates, pallets and bins are of the highest quality and are designed to meet all packaging requirements and enhance the shelf life of products. Viscount FCC was acquired by Pact Group in 2016.

FCC Products and Services can now be found in Pact Reuse –  Supply Chain Solutions.

Graham Packaging

Graham Packaging specialised in bottle packaging products supplying the Asia Pacific region. Acquired by Pact Group in 2018 it joined a strong portfolio of operations throughout Asia.

Graham Packaging products can now be found in Pact Packaging.


Established in 1988, PlasPak delivered rigid plastic solutions to the food and beverage, personal care, household chemical, agricultural and industrial segments in Australia. Specialising in blow moulding and injection moulding of containers and closures, and have been the preferred packaging partner for some of Australia’s top brands. Plaspak was acquired by Pact Group in 2006.

Plaspak products can now be found in Pact Packaging.

Power Plastics

Since 1997, Power Plastics has been a leading manufacturer of rigid plastic moulded containers up to 5.0 litres, utilising extrusion blow moulding and injection stretch blow moulding processes to produce containers from low density Polyethylene & high density Polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene terephthalate. Power Plastics was acquired by Pact Group in 2016.

Power Plastics products can now be located in Pact Packaging.


Founded in 1936 in Melbourne, Australia, Signum was one of the longest-standing packaging suppliers in Australia. Signum’s philosophy had been to set and beat the benchmark of sustainable packaging, including significant progress in high recycled content utilised in food-grade packaging. Signum was acquired by Pact Group in 2016.

Signum products can now be located in Pact Packaging.


As the first rigid plastic packaging company in Australia to become a certified supplier of ethical healthcare containers in 1988, Steri-Plas specialise in injection blow moulding and are suppliers to the pharmaceutical, personal care, and food markets. Steri-Plas is ISO9001-2008 accredited, achieving ISO accreditation in 1994.

Steri-Plas products can now be located in Pact Packaging.


Tecpak produced a wide range of tamper-evident tubs primarily for the food industry.  The products are able to be decorated in a variety of ways, including offset printing and in-mould labeling, and are manufactured from food-grade materials and produced to order within our certified critical hygiene facility. Tecpak was acquired by Pact Group in 2010.

Tecpak products can now be located in Pact Packaging.

TIC Retail Accessories

TIC Retail Accessories was established in Australia in 1989 and pioneered a world-first innovation to commercially reuse garment hangers & accessories.  TIC Retail Accessories supplied garment and accessory hangers to apparel manufacturers enabling them to deliver garments floor ready prior to shipping into the retailers distribution centres. TIC Retail Accessories was acquired by Pact Group in 2018.

TIC products and services can now be located in Pact Reuse – Retail Accessories.

VIP Packaging

VIP Packaging was a leading plastic and steel packaging company operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. VIP manufactured a vast range of packaging products for the fast-moving consumer goods, personal care, pharmaceuticals, household and industrial markets, in addition to large format packaging for the chemical, agricultural, petroleum, and building industries. VIP Packaging was acquired by Pact Group in 2002.

VIP Products can now be located in Pact Packaging.


Viscount Plastics was a leading innovative packaging, supply chain, and logistics solutions provider servicing customers across the Asia Pacific region providing packaging, materials handling, water harvesting, and industrial product solutions and applications to various end-user and consumer markets. Viscount was acquired by Pact Group in 2012.

Viscount Products can now be located in Pact Reuse.

Viscount Rotational Moulding

Operating for over 35 years, Viscount Rotational Moulding(VRM) was specialised in the rotational and injection moulding process. Manufacturing an extensive range of infrastructure products and components while also developing custom moulded bespoke products to suit a wide variety of applications. Viscount Rotational Moulding

Viscount Rotational Moulding products can now be located in Pact Reuse – Infrastructure Solutions.


Vmax was an IBC Reuse service that formed part of our Astron sustainability business. Providing a closed-loop service for IBC’s including laundering, rebottling, and reverse logistics throughout your network.

Vmax service can now be located in Pact Packaging – Large Format.


VPS was the Pooling Serveries operational arm of Viscount Plastics. Providing reusable folding crated for produce growers throughout Australia to supply into major supermarkets. Existing VPS customers can access the VPS Customer Portal.

VPS Services can now be located in Pact Reuse – Supply Chain Solutions.