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By combining world class technical expertise with collaborative innovation, Pact has become a global leader in the supply of quality Closures to enable your brand to be on top of your sustainability targets.

True to our reputation for global innovation, technical expertise, and intense focus on sustainable solutions, we were the first in our region to bring to market closures using post-consumer recycled content. Our extensive range of lightweight closures designed for the Dairy and Beverage, Household and Industrial, Health and Personal Care and Processed Food markets are known above all else for their functionality, quality, and consistent supply. More and more clients are turning to us for our technical capabilities as we deliver an environmental solution for their sustainability transformation. This is on top of the of great service we offer.

Our technical expertise is matched by our broad range of readily available products which includes everything from dispensing flip-tops, pumps and fine mist sprays to small and large diameter tamper evident caps (with/without lining and induction foil), and various types of specialty products.


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Dairy & Beverage

Creating the right closures for dairy and beverage packaging is an open and shut case with our quality range at Pact.

Contact approved and tamper evident, our closure products designed for milk, juice, water and carbonated soft drink brands include flip-top, hot-fill, aseptic, linerless or wadded, tethered, and tamper band. Plus they come in a range of common sizes from sizes 24mm to 38mm suitable for multiple bottle-neck options. Discover our ready-made solutions with the option of embossed, digital or offset printing decoration, or talk to us about creating your own closures.

Processed Foods

Talk to Pact and we can open up a whole world of closure solutions to suit your processed food brand.

Recyclable and tamper evident, our range of closures includes flip-top, twist-top dispensing, hot-fill & cold-fill, linerless or wadded, tethered, tamper band, and induction sealed. Suitable for sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise, powdered and granular products, spreads, cooking oils, herbs & spices and more. Our closures come in most common sizes suitable for multiple bottle-neck options and for multiple pack types. We can also create your own innovative closures solutions.

Health & Personal Care

In the world of health and personal care, it’s vital that closures are secure and safe as consumer packaging.

Whether you need closures for pharmaceuticals, vitamins and minerals, skin care, soaps, hair care, or toothpaste brands, you can trust the name Pact to deliver a range that is tamper evident, child resistant, and offers controlled dispensing. Our closures include flip-top, linerless or wadded, tamper evidence, functional liners, triggers, sprays, droppers and pumps with multiple closure options in most common sizes. Suitable for multiple bottle-neck options and for multiple pack types, including sustainable options, Pact really seals the deal with quality closures.

Household & Industrial

Talk to Pact and discover why we’ve built a heavy-duty reputation for providing closures for domestic and industrial use you can trust.

Whether you need closures for chemicals, lubricants, cleaning fluids, motor oils, herbicides, pesticides, garden sprays, or fertilisers, our tough injection moulded range offers security for tamper evidence, dangerous goods, venting, child resistance and product resistance. Closures include flip-top, twist-top, dispensing, linerless or wadded, tamper band, functional liners, triggers, sprays and pumps in multiple closure options in most common sizes 28mm – 95mm. For industrial strength confidence with your closure choice, or options to include locally-sourced recycled content, just speak to Pact.

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