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EAS Security Tags

EAS Security Tags

Since 1989, Pact Retail Accessories has been working with top global fashion retailers to pioneer a world-first reuse model that keeps security tags in circulation for many years and plastic completely out of landfill.

This has seen our partnerships achieve not only huge environmental success, but significant cost savings from labour reduction and increased efficiency. Pact Retail Accessories Security Tag Reuse program collects used hard security tags from retailers by collaborating with the existing reverse logistics infrastructure. Once consolidated, the tags are moved to localised sorting facilities where they are cleaned, tested, repackaged, and distributed across the globe from our strategically positioned facilities. These facilities are placed close to needlepoint to ensure rapid delivery of these valuable assets.


Benefit of Security Tag Reuse

Reduce costs
Optimise labour allocation
Manage capital costs
Achieve consistent tagging
Minimise apparel damage
Transparent inventory analytics

Ever Evolving

As Security Tag Reuse has evolved, so have Pact Retail Accessories ability to adapt to an ever-changing market.

Pact Retail Accessories can work with any existing tag program, allowing the retailer to keep its existing inventory in circulation without the costly need to inject a different tag suitable for a specific recycling program. In this way, Pact Retail can work with almost any hard tag available on the market in a Reuse capacity, with a minimum of 8-10 trips and an average of over a 10-year circulation pattern.



Loss Prevention Foundation

Bachelor Level Parner

As members of the Loss Prevention Foundation, we partner with retailers around the world and transform the global circular economy in a way that not only encourages environmental awareness and transparency, but also to assist and educate all in the reuse of their assets, whether it be hard security tags or hangers. Our partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation envelops that goal of alignment by supporting the LPF’s mission of education for the loss prevention industry and provide a reusable solution for loss prevention.

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Join our growing circle of global retail partners today and move to more sustainable solutions.

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Join our growing circle of global retail partners today and move to more sustainable solutions.

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