Nally Megabin™

Multiple Heights
To Suit Your Needs

The Nally Megabin™ 440 and 580 are the next generation of Megabins designed for delicate produce.

With a reduced height, but full compatibility with the existing Megabin bin range, the new sizes of Nally Megabin™ will protect your fresh produce and enable you to move your harvest throughout your supply chain with ease.

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Nally Folding Megabin™

The Nally Folding Megabin™ is now available for purchase or pooling operations and comes in a full-height and low-height version.

After decades of refinement with the original Nally Megabin™, we have worked with our leading customers throughout the produce, meant & poultry industries to introduce the new Folding Nally Megabin™. By consulting our customers we have developed a unique foldable bin that is specifically designed to last in Australian conditions, and work with your existing Nally Megabin™ fleet.

Original Height
Low Height
Half-Height Fold Down Side Wall
Available With Vented or Solid Walls
Intuitive Folding Walls
Folds Flat For Easy Transport

Genius Tag™

Your Nally Megabin™ Detective

Using the latest track & trace technology, Genius Tag™ contains a self powered RFID chip which tracks events throughout the journey of your megabin along the supply chain, mitigating the risk and liability of asset management.

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Designed To Last

Engineered for Australia, with more than 40 years of experience.

As manufactures of the original Nally Megabin™, Pact has taken the experience and in-depth understanding of the requirements of Australian farmers and developed a bespoke solution that can withstand the harsh conditions throughout our vast country.

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Integrate With
Your Supply Chain

The footprint of a Nally Megabin™ matches the standard dimensions of an Australian pallet. Meaning the Nally Megabin™ is not only effective out in the field for collecting produce, but is also compatible with automation processes and pallet racking for storage.

The Megabin™ Difference

Engineered for Australia, Made in Australia. The Nally Megabin™ is designed to last.
Longer life than timber
100% Recyclable
Excellent resistance to weathering

Customise Your
Nally Megabin™

By working directly with the manufacture, we have the ability to customise your Nally Megabin™ fleet to suit your brand guidelines, messaging, and tracking requirements. Our customisation options include:

  • Option for Vented or Solid sides
  • Hot Foil Stamping With Custom Logos
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Custom Colours To Suit Your Brand
  • Barcoding
  • Track & Trace Capabilities

Order Your Nally Megabin

Order Your Nally Megabin

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