Leading the circular economy.

Our Future Pact

Our vision is to lead the circular economy through reuse, recycling and packaging solutions. It’s a future-driven group commitment, designed to create lasting value.

This demands smarter ways of reducing waste by continually reusing and recycling resources to keep them in circulation well into the future. Since 2002, we’ve been at the heart of this. For us, it’s about finding new and better ways of doing things. Ways to grow business, to give back to the environment and to enrich people’s lives every day.


We’ve made a promise to become the number one provider of sustainable choices for our customers. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. This is expressed in our End of Waste strategy. This focuses on enabling our customers to cost-effectively meet their sustainability objectives, to benefit the environment and be respectful of the communities in which we operate.

Products & Services

Passionate about sustainable innovation, we’re constantly expanding our product portfolio and services. However, we still remain true to our core specialist expertise. We transform primarily plastic resin and also steel into packaging and related products that service customers in the fashion, food, dairy, beverage, chemical, agricultural, and industrial sectors. This involves packaging design, manufacturing, materials handling solutions, and recycling and sustainability services. Essentially, delivering the best possible packaging, supply chain and recycling solutions.


Adding value across the circular economy is fully aligned with maximising long term shareholder returns. It’s a sustain and gain growth strategy with a focus on three core areas:
- Strengthen our core
- Expand reuse and recycling
- Grow our global footprint
This continues to drive acquisitions such as TIC and joint ventures that include building a plastic pelletising facility with Cleanaway and Asahi Beverages.

Our Divisions

We have three divisions that work as one across the circular economy.

Together they have helped make Australasia’s largest recycler
of plastic resin and a $1.8 billion innovation group.

Pioneering a whole of product lifecycle approach to sustainable packaging

Partnering with global brands to local dairy producers, we integrate supply chain efficiencies and sustainable practices into everything we design and manufacture. The circle starts with a life-cycle assessment to ensure our customers can make sustainable decisions. Processing our own local recycled material makes all the difference. In recent years, we’ve brought millions of 100% recycled milk, shampoo and personal care bottles into the world.

Dairy & Beverage
Processed Food
Health & Personal Care
Fresh Food
Household & Industrial

Eliminating single-use
through reuse solutions

The depth of our network and investment in technology ensure vital resources can be swiftly collected, sorted, cleaned and redistributed at scale. Helping Australian fresh food producers and supermarkets achieve their sustainability goals, our pooling systems to date have replaced over 150 million single-use boxes with 5 million reusable plastic crates. To address the pressing needs of the fashion industry we’ve also recently acquired TIC to create a specialist global ‘Retail Accessories’ arm. This further boosts our retail accessories capabilities and helps recycle enough hangers annually to circle the earth more than three times.

Environmental Solutions
Retail Accessories
Supply Chain Solutions

Reducing waste through recycling solutions

We don’t see material as waste, we see its potential to create ongoing value. It’s a complete loop approach. One that demands both the responsible disposal of packaging and the inclusion of recycled content in packaging. To deliver this at scale, we partner with Government bodies and peak industry groups to continually boost our post-consumer waste recycling capabilities. This ensures locally-sourced recycled material helps feed our packaging business. That’s ‘circular’ for you.


Our Circular Process

Always evolving, our closed-loop solutions
enable you to explore the huge potential
of our advanced sustainability platform.

As a global leader in circular and sustainable packaging
solutions, we also add the very latest material science,
design and manufacturing expertise into the equation.

Scale & Diversity

Now, as the only company that operates across the whole circular economy, we deliver a diversity of smarter scaled solutions to huge range of trusted brands.

Right now, we’ve over 6,000 people in over 110 locations across 15 countries ready to make it happen for you.

Sustainability & Credibility

‘Greenwashing’ doesn’t exist in our world. We are sticklers in leading the curve in industry best practices and rigorous sustainability reporting.

All our business relationships reflect this and we regularly commission independent third-party assessments. This means we can all take proud ownership of genuine environmental success.

  • Over the past 12 months Pact Group

    increased the number of products we manufacture from recycled resin by 31%

  • Recognised as

    one of Australasia’s Most Innovative Companies

    by The Australian Financial Review (AFR)
    for the past 8 consecutive years

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Our promise is to create a better and more prosperous world all round. That’s our future pact. Let’s lead the way together.