Leading the
Circular Economy

Our Future Pact

At Pact, our vision is to lead the Circular Economy through innovative Packaging, Reuse and Recycling solutions.

Since our inception, we’ve been creating smarter ways of reducing waste through reusing and recycling resources, therefore keeping them in circulation well into the future. We constantly strive to find better ways of doing things to grow business, enhance sustainability and enrich people’s lives. As a future-driven group, we are committed to creating lasting value for the environment.

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Our Divisions

Pact’s three divisions work as one across the Circular Economy.

Together these divisions have helped make us a $1.8 billion innovation group and proudly Australasia’s largest recycler of plastic resin.

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Pioneering a whole-of-product lifecycle approach to sustainable Packaging

Eliminating single-use through Reuse solutions

Reducing waste through Recycling solutions

Our Circular Process

Through our constantly evolving closed-loop solutions, we have created leading edge sustainable platforms for you to explore.

We are a global leader in circular and sustainable Packaging solutions, enhanced by the very latest in material science, cutting edge design and manufacturing expertise.

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Pact’s role in the Circular Economy

Scale & Diversity

Operating across the whole Circular Economy, we deliver diverse and innovative sustainable solutions for an extensive range of trusted brands.

We can offer you the expertise and commitment of more than 6,000 employees working across 15 countries in over 110 locations.

Pact at a Glance

Sustainability & Credibility

We’re known as a leader in industry-best practices and committed to rigorous sustainability reporting.

All our business relationships reflect this and we regularly commission independent third-party assessments. At the end of the day, it means we can all take pride in our genuine environmental successes.

More About Sustainability
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We have committed to reducing our Scope 1 and 2

emissions by 50% in Australia and New Zealand by 2030

from an FY21 baseline.

We are equally proud to have been recognised as

one of Australasia’s Most Innovative Companies

by The Australian Financial Review (AFR) for the past 10 years.

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We’ve made a future pact to create a better environment and a more prosperous world all round. Let’s lead the way together with sustainable solutions.
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