Leading the
Circular Economy
Through Reuse

Eliminate Single-Use
with our Reuse Solutions

We keep resources in circulation to lower your environmental impact and optimise your economic return.

On the waste hierarchy, Reuse is directly after prevention and is fundamental to reducing our environmental footprint for future generations.

Our foundations have been built with the vision to eliminate single-use products. After more than two decades of innovation we now have one of the most diverse reusable offerings that spans across the globe. From retailer garment hangers, fresh produce crates, IBC’s and steel drums through to the common household wheelie-bin and water tank, we’ll have a Reuse solution suitable for your sector.


Supply Chain

Viscount Reuse is a joint venture between Pact Group and Morrison & Co to supply reusable materials handling and asset pooling solutions.



Delivering complete waste management solutions swiftly and sustainably.



Transforming Australia’s waste into innovative solutions to solve Australia’s infrastructure needs.



Delivering sustainable solutions to the fashion world.

Committed to Sustainability
with Reuse Solutions

We’ve committed to sustainability and are members of ANZPAC, US Plastics Pact, and UK Plastics Pact. This global network of commitments is enabled by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative and designed to eliminate unnecessary single-use products.

Through customer-led innovation and bespoke product design, we continually work to create new products to replace single-use products. This enables brand owners to reduce their waste while lowering carbon emissions. Our recycling division gives priority supply to use the highest quality recycled resin, resulting in unmatched quality of products made from locally-sourced recycled material.

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By choosing a Reuse solution, you can reduce your carbon emissions, reduce water usage, and eliminate waste from landfill.

Enabling you to move closer to your sustainability goals, and creating a positive impact to our environment for future generations.

Contact Pact Reuse

Make the first step in your sustainability journey and contact us about a tailored reuse solution for your business.

Contact Pact Reuse

Make the first step in your sustainability journey and contact us about a tailored reuse solution for your business.

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