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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

Lower your carbon footprint and increase your supply chain efficiency with our world class Reusable materials handling and asset pooling solutions.

With one of the fastest asset pool cycles in the world, our supply chain solutions are designed to be traceable throughout your supply chain, maintain the most stringent quality standards and increase your speed to market. Locally made from locally sourced recycled resin, our materials handling products are engineered to meet the demands of moving your products safely and efficiently over vast distances. Our design and manufacturing expertise enable our products to be reused multiple times which keeps resources in circulation longer and reduces your environmental impact. From fresh produce on the farm, to national logistics and warehouse automation, we have the right solution to move products throughout your supply chain.


From Bins, Totes and Crates to Pallets and Drums, we have the solution to move your products around our vast country.

Asset Pooling

Turn your owned assets into a dynamic Asset Pool with our national washing and reverse logistics network.


Digitise your supply chain with Track & Trace and take advantage of our laundering, washing and reconditioning services.

Design &

With world class industrial designers and manufacturing equipment, we can develop a product bespoke to your requirements.

Our Circular Process

We believe that supply chains are circular in nature. Our solutions are designed to stand the test of time and transport goods throughout our vast country, time and time again.

Our class-leading asset pooling facilities are designed to increase turnaround times and provide a fast and efficient pooling process, which encapsulates our circular vision. Being reuse multiple times over, and then recycled into new products and the end of their life, we have created a truly circular system.


Eliminate Single-Use

Transition your business from single-use corrugate to Resuable solutions to increase efficiency and meet your sustainability targets.

Every supply chain has different requirements, at Pact Reuse we specialise in creating Reusable solutions which can eliminate inefficient single-use solutions such as corrugate boxes. Our foldable plastic crates create a uniform footprint for every pallet, optimising every millimeter of space for maximum efficiency. By avoiding the recycling and remanufacturing process, Reusable crates achieve sustainability benefits in just their second year of operation and are designed to last for a minimum of 7 years.

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By moving to a reusable plastic crate you could

Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%

enabling you to achieve your organisations sustainability goals.

Compared to recycling and remanufacturing corrugate boxes, Reusable crates

Reduce water usage by 20%

saving thousands of litres of water every year.

Flexible Ownership

Every business is different, we can create an ownership solution bespoke for you.

Whether you need to purchase products outright, hire, lease, or create an asset pool, we will be able to tailor an ownership solution that works for your business. We can create a model that best utilises your capital expenditure and ensures you have a reliable fleet of assets for your supply chain.

Start Your Sustainable Journey

We’re committed to creating sustainable and efficient supply chain solutions. Contact us for a complimentary business review.
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