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When you’re dealing with industrial chemicals, you need to take industrial sized care in how those chemicals are packaged.

A name you can trust is Pact where our recyclable range is dangerous goods approved and specifically designed to handle bulk chemicals used in industrial & household applications such as chlorine, acids, liquid urethanes and cleaning products. Our products in various sizes include bottles with measure attachments and closures, jerry cans with closures and pourers, small and large pails, cubes, drums, microdrums and more.

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Paint & Construction

When it comes to the right sustainable packaging for your paints, adhesives, chemicals and linings for the building & construction industry

Pact has built a reputation for providing high quality, recyclable products with recycled content where possible. Our diverse range of steel and plastic products of varying sizes includes bottles with measures and closures, jerry cans up to 20 Litres, small and large pails, drums and microdrums, cubes with barrier technology, cartridges and tubs and lids. With the option of In Mould Label (IML), embossing/debossing, lithographic print, and self-adhesive labels, we’ve constructed your perfect list of packaging solutions. Pact is a major player in industry recycling stewardship programs and can help your brand achieve sustainable goals.

Auto Lubricants & Fuel

If you’re looking for high quality, sustainable packaging to drive your automotive oil and lubricant business, then go no further than our range at Pact.

Designed for all oils and lubricants including plant machinery and equipment, our diverse recyclable products feature various sized tubs and lids, bottles, jerry cans, small and large pails, cubes with barrier technology, steel and plastic drums, microdrums, IBC, metal cage and HDPE bottles and cartridges. Made with recycled content where possible and the decorative options of IML, embossing and debossing, you’ll find Pact products are the right fit for your oils and lubricants.


We understand that supplying the agricultural industry with chemicals like herbicides and pesticides on a large scale requires the right packaging solutions to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

At Pact, we deliver a range of dangerous goods approved packaging including drums, bottles, pails, cubes, IBC, jerry cans, backpacks, and closures in a variety of sizes to suit. Or we can create your own pack format. And there’s the option of embossing, debossing or lithographic prints to add impact. You’ll find the Agrichem industry and Pact are a great fit. Pact is a major player in AgriChem recycling programs and can help your brand to achieve sustainable solutions.


Packaging for the mining industry is a specialist field.

At Pact we offer secure, practical and importantly sustainable solutions, with the ensuing benefits for the industry through the use of recyclable products made from recycled content where possible. Our injection moulded and manufactured range covers both the mining and mining supply industries with a diverse number of products that includes trays, large pails and lids up to 20 Litres, HDPE cubes with barrier technology, steel, stainless and plastic drums from 60 Litres to 220 Litres, steel microdrums and IBC, metal cage HDPE bottles. The whole package for the mining industry.


When it comes to your everyday cleaning and laundry products in the home, you’ll find Pact is the home of quality sustainable packaging solutions for all things cleaning including bleach, sprays, wash-up liquids, washing powders, toilet bleach and disinfectants.

Our range of recyclable packaging is made from locally sourced recycled materials where possible, and features various sized jars, bottles and closures, jerry cans with closures and pourers, as well as small and large pails and lids. We can offer decorative options like In Mould Labels (IML) and embossing/debossing to ensure your own household name brands are clean winners.

Bulk Essential Oils

One of the key essentials to presenting your oil products such as tea tree, lavender and botanicals to business customers is to ensure you have quality packaging that’s appropriate for the B2B marketplace.

At Pact we have a built a range of sustainable packaging for essential oils that is recyclable, made from recycled materials where possible, and has the added protection of barrier technology. Our range includes steel, stainless steel and plastic drums up to 220 Litres, steel microdrums, large pails and lids, IBC, bottles, cubes and various sized jerry cans. Essentially we have all the packaging you need.

Garden Supplies

Just as you’ll discover a huge variety of plants in any garden nursery, you’ll find Pact has an extensive range of recycled packaging for garden supplies.

We can supply tubs and lids from 100ml – 1litre, bottles and closures, jerry cans and small 250ml pails and lids right up to a huge 20 litres. So we’ve got you covered for all your bulk and retail packaging needs like fertiliser, seeds, garden pesticide sprays, insecticides, herbicides and more. With the option of creating your own design, plus IML and embossing, Pact is a smart choice for your garden business.

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