Pact at a Glance

At Pact Group, we are a company that operates across the whole Circular Economy to deliver diverse and innovative solutions for an extensive range of trusted brands.

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10 years recognised as one of Australasia’s Most Innovative Companies
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Our Role in the
Circular Economy

At Pact, we’ve taken a local approach to creating a Circular Economy. Since day one, our mission has been to ensure valuable resources remain in circulation for as long as possible through our Reuse division.


Our Recycling division continues to invest in the most advanced technology to recover post-industrial and post- consumer waste at scale. This ensures we can offer our customers privileged access to high quality recycled resins that are locally sourced, processed and re-manufactured.

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Our Structure

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      Dairy & Beverage

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      Processed Food

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      Health & Personal Care

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      Fresh Food

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      Household & Industrial

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      Bulk Packaging

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      Supply Chain Solutions

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      Environmental Solutions

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      Infrastructure Solutions

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      Retail Accessories

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Our Vision

Pact will lead the
Circular Economy
through Packaging,
Reuse & Recycling

Our Values

We lead the way in delivering a Circular Economy through sustainable Packaging, Reuse & Recycling solutions. We live by our Pact values to ensure we maintain our responsibilities to our customers, our people and our planet.

Safety is first.

At Pact, we make safety our priority. We’re always on the lookout for risks and take pride in our workspace in the interests of keeping us all safe and well.


We win when our Customer wins.

We believe we win when our customers win so we deliver when we say we’re going to deliver. This helps build strong partnerships, to benefit us now and in the future.


We have Integrity as we strive for results.

While we strive for results every day, we always do it with honesty and integrity, respecting one another and the world we live in. These are the Pact values we live by in our factories, warehouses, offices and the world around us. This one Pact mindset helps us contribute to a better and more sustainable world all around.


Our Innovation drives the Circular Economy.

Being innovative, curious, bold, and resourceful is part of our DNA and what drives a circular economy. We welcome diverse thinking that challenges the status quo as we work together to bring great ideas to life.


We Respect & collaborate with colleagues & communities.

When we respect and collaborate with colleagues and the community we are creating a better performance workplace. At Pact the key to building trusting relationships is to listen, value and understand each other’s opinions.

Our Awards

We’re very proud to have received multiple awards in recognition of our unwavering commitment to innovative and sustainable Packaging, Reuse and Recycling Solutions.
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  • 2022 PIDA Award winner_Sustainable_Recycled Content_gold_182x148px
  • 2022 PIDA Award winner_Health Beauty_silver_182x148px
  • 2022 PIDA Award winner_Sustainable_Recycled Content_bronze_182 x 148
  • 2020 WS winners logo 2022
  • 2020 WS winners logo 2021
  • 2020 WS winners logo 2020