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A career at Pact is a great opportunity to join a team that’s committed to making the places we live better through our relentless focus on sustainability.

We value diversity and safety and we genuinely want to make our organisation a great place to work. We strive to make every job at Pact rewarding and are looking for driven people who will live our values and contribute to making us all proud to be part of Pact.

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Our Values

The Pact value system is integral to ensuring our goals and values as a high performing business.

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Work at Pact

Whether it’s assisting your career progression, offering flexible working arrangements, or building your skills, we’re focused on recognising and rewarding your contribution.

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Pact Benefits

Our benefits are aimed at recognising and rewarding the contributions you make in your Pact career path.

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Our Recruitment Process

Learn more about the recruitment process you will go through joining the Pact Group.

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Sustainability is a consideration in all of our business decisions. From our vision to our corporate strategy, sustainability underpins and shapes our core philosophy and our day-to-day business decisions.

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News & Insights

Find the latest new articles about Pact.

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Our Values

We lead the way in delivering a Circular Economy through Packaging, Reuse & Recycling. We live by our Pact values to ensure we maintain our responsibilities to our customers, our people and our planet.

Safety is first.

At Pact, we make safety our priority. We’re always on the lookout for risks and take pride in our workspace in the interests of keeping us all safe and well.


We win when our Customer wins.

We believe we win when our customers win so we deliver when we say we’re going to deliver. This helps build strong partnerships, to benefit us now and in the future.


We have Integrity as we strive for results.

While we strive for results every day, we always do it with honesty and integrity, respecting one another and the world we live in. These are the Pact values we live by in our factories, warehouses, offices and the world around us. This one Pact mindset helps us contribute to a better and more sustainable world all around.


Our Innovation drives the Circular Economy.

Being innovative, curious, bold, and resourceful is part of our DNA and what drives a circular economy. We welcome diverse thinking that challenges the status quo as we work together to bring great ideas to life.


We Respect & collaborate with colleagues & communities.

When we show respect and work together with colleagues and the community we are creating a better performance workplace. At Pact the key to building trusting relationships is to listen, value and understand each other’s opinions.

Working at Pact Group

At Pact we recognise great performance and potential and want to make sure we develop the team so we can promote from within wherever possible and give you new and exciting challenges.

Careers are built at Pact and we are proud of the number of our employees who have demonstrated their skills and commitment and been rewarded with greater opportunities and bigger jobs.

With headquarters in Melbourne and listed on the ASX, the Group employs 6,000 people in 110 locations across 15 countries.

Pact Group’s vision is to lead the Circular Economy through Packaging, Reuse and Recycling solutions.

Our Packaging division uses locally sourced recycled content to provide our customers with solutions to help them achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Our Reuse division keeps reusable resources in circulation to deliver the lowest environmental footprint.

Our Recycling division treats local waste as a resource and recovers value at scale to deliver our customers in our other divisions with high quality recycled material.

It’s an extraordinary time for our industry with complex challenges and unprecedented opportunities. At Pact, we’re proud to be leading the way.
At Pact, we’re proud to be embarking on a Circular Economy transformation. We’re investing in innovation, collaboration and infrastructure.

We’re bringing together people with unique stories, perspectives and talent. We need your talents too.

Join us. Let us make you proud to be part of Pact.

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Pact Benefits

We support our employees with a range of employment benefits, development programs and career opportunities.
Flexible Working
Reward & Recognition
Community Giving

Our Recruitment Process

Pact does not accept unsolicited resumes via email. If you are on our preferred supplier list, you will be sent a link via the Agency Portal to submit candidates if we require assistance. If you wish to enquire about becoming a preferred supplier with Pact, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition team via email

1. We Like Your Application

We review your application. If your skills and experience match what we’re looking for, we’ll contact you by phone or email.

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2. Interviews Commence

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. This could be at an assessment centre, a behavioural telephone interview or one or more face-to-face interviews. You may be asked to bring along proof of identity, credentials and eligibility to work in Australia.

Click below for tips on preparing for an interview.

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3. Additional Testing

Depending on the role, you may be required to complete skills assessments such as IT evaluations, case study analysis or psychometric assessments, which may include verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, cognitive ability, role plays, sales preference, technical aptitude or safety awareness and personality tests.

4. We Speak to Your Referees and Commence Background Checks.

Professional employment reference checks will be conducted with two current referees that you’ve reported to in recent roles. You may also be asked to complete a background or criminal history check consent form, and upload identification documents. This is to protect our business, our people and our customers. An offer of employment may be withdrawn if results are not to Pact’s satisfaction.

5. Pre-employment Medical

As safety is key to our success you may be required to complete a pre-employment medical as part of the job ready process.

6. You Get the Job

Congratulations! You’ve been offered the job!

7. The Paperwork

Following an acceptance of a verbal offer, we’ll send you a contract or employment agreement letter, along with other commencement paperwork for you to complete. You’re then ready to start work with us.

8. Welcome to Pact!

Your induction commences. During the first few weeks, there’ll be a lot to learn. The Pact induction will focus on getting to know our business, your role and building a strong relationship with your new manager, connecting with the right people, understanding your place in the team and acquiring essential knowledge.
During the recruitment process, you can reach out to your TA Partner at any time. We’ll keep you informed of the next steps and if or when you are unsuccessful in your application we’ll notify you either by email or by phone.
Don’t worry if you didn’t get the job you applied for. We’ll keep your details in our database so you can be considered for other vacancies in the future, and you’re welcome to apply for other roles you think you’re suited to.  We would love you to follow us on LinkedIn.