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Barrier packaging for chemicals

Chemical packs have a tough job. They need to provide product safety and integrity, retain their shape and performance throughout the supply chain and prevent leakage.

Existing solutions include co-extruded or multi-layer packaging which is difficult to manufacture because of the complexity of the multiple layers, and Fluorination which is a high-risk 3rd party process that can only be done by single processor in Australasia adding unnecessary time and risk into your supply chain.


Pact now has a third (and more sustainable) solution.

Plasma coating technology – what is it?

A globally proven technology that applies an inert coating inside the plastic container providing solvent resistant barrier suitable for chemicals. The barrier is produced in single stage production which reduces lead times and supply chain risks significantly.

Our three barrier
packaging options
suitable for chemicals

Pact’s three different options for solvent barrier solutions to packaging are quite distinct and each offers solutions which may be unique to your needs.

Barrier Packaging Option Plasma Coating Co-Extruded (or multi-layer) Fluorination
How does it work? Inert coating inside the container providing solvent barrier 6-layer, blow-moulded container with nylon resin in middle layer providing solvent resistance Fluorine & Nitrogen gas coating on inside which reacts with HDPE surface creating a fluoropolymer layer
Suitability / Quality Consistent quality at highest performance suitable for most chemicals Consistent quality with regular monitoring & testing. Potential reduction in DG rating vs fluoro & plasma coating Consistent quality with customisable performance to suit chemicals
Supply Chain Single stage, in-house technology

No extra steps or miles

AUS manufactured only

Single stage, in-house technology

No extra steps or miles

Local supply (AU & NZ)

Two-stage manufacturing at third party location

Additional lead times

Extra miles

Single supplier in AUS

Benefits of Pact's Plasma Coating Technology

Pact's Plasma Coating Technology provides a barrier solution for chemical packaging that is more sustainable than existing alternatives.
Resistant to solvent permeation as chemicals are are unable to permeate the walls of the container and evaporate, or discolour the pack
Prevents loss of active ingredients - keeps chemicals “active” and functional for longer
Reduced panelling distortion for better presentation as it helps keeps the pack rigid, ensuring the label remains intact
Fully Recyclable through the relevant recycling programs and subject to their conditions. DrumMuster in Australia or AgRecovery Program in New Zealand

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