Pact partners with Goodman Fielder to transition Praise Mayonnaise and Aioli bottles and jars to 100% recycled PET (rPET)

21 October 2021

Pact has collaborated with Goodman Fielder to transition its packaging for Praise Mayonnaise and Aioli to bottles and jars made from 100% recycled PET – an Australian category first.

Based on Praise’s annual volumes, the shift to recycled packaging will save 380 tonnes of virgin plastic every year. The jars, bottles and caps are also 100% recyclable.

According to Mick Anderson, head of sustainability at Goodman Fielder, extensive R&D was involved in the bottle development in partnership with Pact. The company trialled different percentage levels of recycled content 30, 50 and ultimately, 100 per cent.

“It’s been a long journey to get us to this exciting point of having a bottle and jar made locally from 100% post-consumer recycled PET,” he said.

“Sustainable packaging is about more than simply recycling a product; it’s about building a circular economy by buying back products made from recycled materials. Now with every bottle or jar of Praise Mayo and Aioli that Aussies buy, they can help their packaging live on simply by recycling it.”

Anderson added that Goodman Fielder has a pipeline of sustainable packaging roll-outs and pointed to the recent announcement of a shift to cardboard bread tags, and the launch in New Zealand of rHDPE milk bottles (also in partnership with Pact) for the Meadowfresh milk brand.

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