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Pact welcomes extension of the apprenticeship wage subsidy scheme


Pact Group is pleased to welcome the Federal Government’s announcement to extend the wage subsidy scheme for apprenticeships, now ending September 2021.

It’s an impressive and welcome commitment, already contributing 100,000 positions since its commencement in October and is set to deliver a further 70,000 across the next six months – an extremely valuable boost to both local businesses and the broader economy.

As part of its six-year partnership with Ai Group, Pact Group has recruited apprentices across Australia to invest in the skill capabilities it will need in the future to equip the next generation of workers with the skills they need to succeed.

Over the course of this partnership, Pact Group has seen eight apprentices complete their apprenticeships to date, predominantly in manufacturing and engineering trades. Pact Group has also employed five new apprentices since October 2020, and it has a remaining eight vacancies it is still working to fill.

“As we invest in new technologies to build Australia’s circular economy, we need to have the right capabilities to meet the task at hand. Apprenticeships play a critical role in this and are an essential avenue for young Australian workers to get experience on the job while developing their skills. Government support is vital to this to ensure that we are creating local jobs in modern manufacturing for generations to come,” said Pact Group Managing Director and CEO Sanjay Dayal.

Pact Group continues to invest in jobs and infrastructure to lead the circular economy through packaging, reuse and recycling solutions. This investment is vital to ensuring that its workforce has the capabilities it needs to meet future market demands in the circular economy.

Pact Group directly employs more than 3,000 people across Australia and New Zealand.

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