Pact Group Number One In Manufacturing Sector (Asia-Pacific) in The 2014 Global Corporate Challenge

16 December 2014

A 100 day virtual journey around the world, the GCC is an international fund-raising initiative supporting UNICEF with this year’s proceeds funding the provision of clean water to more than 11,000 school children in 33 school throughout Zimbabwe and Cambodia.

With the objective of achieving an average of 10,000 steps per day, participants wear a pedometer to record their daily ‘step’ count, achieved through a range of activities including walking, swimming and biking. Fifty-one teams entered across Pact Group, with the winning team, the Night Owls from Alto in Wacol, Queensland, achieving an average daily step count of 32,553 and finishing 81st out of over 40,000 global teams.

The daily total step average for Pact Group was 15,330, which is equal to every participant crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge nine times each day. The total step count was 531,599,416 – a distance of 340,224 km, which equates to crossing the Sahara Desert 189 times.

The GCC was developed over 10 years ago to improve the health and performance of employees around the world. The scientifically developed, clinically proven 12-month program takes employees on a journey that permanently improves their relationship with exercise and nutrition and instils a sense of self-belief, personal responsibility and resilience. Over the past 11 years, the program has transformed the cultures of thousands of the world’s leading organisations and improved the health and performance of more than 1.5 million employees across 185 countries.

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