Pact Group named one of Australia’s Most Innovative Companies for the Fourth Consecutive Year

19 August 2016

Pact are the only packaging company to achieve this prestigious recognition for four consecutive years.

More than 1,000 of Australia’s top companies competed to make the prestigious list which judged by a rigorous assessment of each company’s culture, strategy and track record in delivering innovations that create value. Pact has rocketed up the list over the past few years placing 49th in 2013, 45th in 2014, 38th in 2015 and 23rd in 2016.

One of Pact Group’s nomination in 2016 was for developing a returnable transport packaging (RTP) swingbar meat crate solution for one of Australia’s major supermarket chains. The Swingbar crate system is washed and reused 13 times a year, as opposed to the single use corrugated cardboard. This effectively reduces the ‘pool’ of units needed from 6.8 million single-use corrugated cardboard boxes per annum, to 500,000 Swingbar crates (with 8,250 units for damage replacement per annum).

A crate in use for applications such as this, has a lifespan expectancy of approx. 7 – 10 years after which time the crate can be reprocessed and the material can be re-used and put into products which are made for non-food contact industrial applications ensuring a full cradle to grave solution eliminating waste to landfill.

Pact’s Swingbar crate pool system was the first installation of its type in Australia for the retail meat industry. A PIQET (Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool) Analysis was performed to assess the environmental impact of the substrate conversion and reduced ‘pool’ initiative. The environmental benefits achieved in the first year alone are the equivalent to planting more than 23,718 trees (that’s over 200,000 trees over the 10 year lifespan expectancy), powering over 7,607 homes per annum, and saving over 39,238 wheelie bins full of rubbish from going into landfill per annum.

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