Pact Group Launches Digital Print Technology

14 January 2015

Pact has invested in two specialised platforms for direct to container digital decoration on rigid plastic packaging (tubs and closures). Pact has exclusive access to these technologies from the specific suppliers for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Furthermore, Pact is in the process of commercialising another two applications for digital direct to container decoration.

Digital print is a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional decoration processes. The key benefits of direct to container digital decoration include:

  • Extremely high quality print – comparable with shrink sleeves and able to decorate the whole container.
  • Substantially reduced lead times by totally eliminating the pre-press and printing plate production processes.
  • Significant reductions in minimum order quantities to the point of being able to have individualised packs if so desired. The technology provides customers with the ability to customise products using high definition, enhanced graphics and print ‘on demand’.
  • The ability to decorate containers with photorealistic images.
  • Comparable economics to IML decorated packaging due to elimination of the need for labels.
  • Comparable economics to offset decoration by reducing scrap and eliminating the need for printing plates and pre-press cost.

According to Pact General Manager of Technology, Mark Nothnagel, “Digital print is the next generation in pack decoration and we’re excited about being able to introduce this advanced technology to the region. Not only will digital print provide our customers with flexible and enhanced branding opportunities, it will streamline our manufacturing process and will permit our customers to respond much faster to the changing demands of their customers. We believe that this is just the start of what will be a significant change in the way all kinds of containers are decorated.”

The technology is developing at such a rapid pace that we expect a further two platforms, for other forms of rigid packaging, to be commercialised by the Pact Group before the end of 2015.

“This a fantastic alternative for our customers, particularly during promotional campaigns, as it allows for personalisation of packaging at a moment’s notice. We believe this will facilitate a seamless and very fast response to seasonal or location based promotions, online marketing campaigns and sponsorship activation for our customers.”

Digital print machines for caps and tubs will be installed at Pact sites in the first half of 2015 and this is expected to be followed by another two platforms by the end of 2015.

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