Pact Group announces first major international project for world class noise walls

24 August 2016

The project will involve the supply and installation of over 6,500m2 of noise wall panels for the Ring Road in Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.

Pact Group and AGA hold the exclusive manufacturing license and global patents respectively after jointly developing heavy duty rotational moulded polyethylene (RMP) noise wall technology over the last five years. Initially designed to reduce noise at manufacturing plants, the noise walls panels are designed to diffuse noise as it passes through the material by absorbing and reflecting sound through a hollow core.

Raphael Geminder, Chairman of Pact Group and Malcolm Bundey, Managing Director & CEO of Pact Group said: “The original panels we developed for use at our manufacturing plants over five years ago are still installed and fully functional. Since these original panels were made, there have been countless prototypes, a number of refinements to functionality and a continued investment in innovation to create world class noise reduction solutions for roads.”
The panels were selected from a number of competing noise barrier options after demonstrating the success and cost savings of previous installations, delivering over 60,000m2 of Pact RMP noise reducing wall panels on the Peninsula Link (Victoria) and M5 motorway (NSW) widening project.

Other key reasons for selecting Pact Group and AGA’s combined solution were the ease of installation with the panels locking together like a jigsaw; weighing only a quarter of more conventional concrete solutions; low maintenance; anti-graffiti properties; and the flexibility of options available for the architect and builders.
“Plastic based noise wall panel solutions are still in its infancy but the market is beginning to understand the benefits of this technology over traditional solutions. It is an exciting milestone to have our panels used on a major international project which highlights the huge addressable global market for our product.” Mr Bundey and Wayne Williams (Executive GM of Pact Groups Viscount Division) said.

The Australian designed panels have started shipping to the Netherlands. Installation at the Ring Road is expected to complete by the end of September 2016. To date, the majority of the RMP noise wall panels have been produced in Carrum Downs, Victoria with the plant largely servicing local demand. Pact Group will also supply from international locations and partners.

“Winning this project in a country that is a global leader in noise wall technology reinforces our belief that we have a superior noise reduction solution. Despite many Australian manufacturers struggling to compete globally, Pact and AGA have partnered together to produce and install world leading and innovative noise wall plastics internationally and have also sub-licensed the manufacturing to other jurisdictions,” Mr Bundey said.

Commenting on the contract, Nick Marandos, Aus Group Alliance Managing Director said: “We are a proud partner and distributor of world class Pact Group noise wall panel technology. It’s taken a good five years of R&D working closely with Pact Group to get to this position. The Dutch are leaders of noise wall technology, so for us to be exporting to their country is like exporting pizzas to Italy – not done often.

“There are further opportunities for these panels to be used on roads in Australia and across the world. Markets such as claddings and other infrastructure uses are also being entered. We look forward to working together to servicing and growing these markets.”

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