Packaging reforms will be a step change for Australia’s circular economy

10 November 2023

Pact Group welcomes the regulatory reforms for packaging announced today by Australia’s environment ministers.
Pact CEO and Managing Director Sanjay Dayal says implementing strict design standards and mandating minimum recycled content quotas for all packaging will turbo charge Australia’s circular economy, particularly for plastics.

“Plastic packaging that is designed effectively, that is recyclable and recycled properly can stay in the circular economy almost indefinitely,” Mr Dayal said.

“The transition to more sustainable packaging has progressed slowly in Australia to date because we have been relying on voluntary targets and the goodwill of industry leaders.”

“These regulatory reforms will bring about a step change in the packaging industry and help divert huge volumes of plastic waste from landfill, improve our environment, and create more jobs in Australia’s circular economy.

Mr Dayal added that better collection and sorting of waste, along with improved labelling requirements for packaging would help increase the quantity and quality of available recyclable material.

With its joint venture partners – Cleanaway Waste Management, Asahi Beverages and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners – Pact has built and now operates the two Circular Plastics Australia (PET) recycling facilities in Albury, NSW and Melbourne, which each have the capacity to recycle up to one billion 600ml PET beverage bottles a year collected through container deposit schemes.

In addition, Pact will recycle more than 20,000 tonnes of mixed plastics such as milk bottles and dairy containers every year at the new Circular Plastics Australia (PE) recycling plant currently being commissioned in Melbourne in partnership with Cleanaway.

Pact is also investing more than $75 million in new equipment for its packaging manufacturing facilities to make recycled plastic packaging products with a higher quantity of locally recycled content.

These packaging products include milk bottles and dairy containers, fruit and vegetable punnets, bakery containers, packaging for household and personal care products, industrial containers for paint, cleaning and chemical products, and household garbage and recycling bins.

“As an integrated plastic recycling and packaging manufacturer, Pact stands ready to embrace the reforms and help our customers transition to more sustainable packaging options,” Mr Dayal said.

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