Jalco Recycled Plastic Noisewalls

23 November 2020
Rotationally Moulded Plastic (RMP) noise abatement panels made from recycled content installed at Jalco’s manufacturing site divert approximately 77,000 2 litre milk bottles from landfill.



To reduce plant generated noise and improve the quality of life for their surrounding local residents, when large scale contract manufacturer Jalco increased their operations to 24/7, the need to install noise abatement measures around the perimeter of their factory located in Smithfield, New South Wales became a priority.


The solution Jalco selected was Pact’s innovative Rotationally Moulded Plastic (RMP) noise abatement panels. Made from 30% post-consumer recycled milk bottles (rHDPE), the unique design of the panels feature a different façade on each side to ensure optimised aesthetic appeal for both the residents and the factory.
The patented RMP technology designed by Pact Infrastructure Solutions and installed by their partner Ausgroup Alliance was originally developed for freeway noisewalls and Skyrail cladding. The use of this to reduce noise from travelling from a factory to local residents demonstrates the versatility of the product and how it can be adapted to suit different applications regardless of project size.

While Jalco chose 30% post-consumer rHDPE, Pact can offer up to 80% post-consumer rHDPE


A win for local residence and an even bigger win for the environment

Phase one of Jalco’s installation consisted of 239 RMP panels that used 30% post-consumer recycled HDPE – this equates to divert approximately 77,000 2 litre milk bottles from landfill. When the second phase is completed the environmental benefits will be even greater. The noisewall installation at Jalco’s factory demonstrates that Pact Infrastructure Solutions can offer different solutions to cater for the needs of a variety of different sectors and scales, but always providing a win for the environment offering a sound, reliable and maintenance-free product.

“We are very happy with noisewall panels. Installation was very straightforward and quick once the columns were installed and the actual attenuation achieved is greater than our earlier modelling predicted. Our neighbours are also happy with the aesthetics is presents to their properties”
Adrian Mason
Chief Operating Officer – Jalco

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