Pact Retail Accessories joins Loss Prevention Foundation

1 February 2023

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announces Pact Group as the newest LPF Bachelor Level Partner. The Bachelor level partnership allows Pact to provide LPQ and LPC certification course scholarships, as well as LPF memberships, to loss prevention industry professionals.

Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of the LPF commented, “Advancing the loss prevention profession through education with our LPQ and LPC credentialing courses is our mission at the Loss Prevention Foundation. We are excited that Pact has chosen to join us as a Bachelor level partner, which shows their dedication to our industry and to our mission.”

Pact Retail Accessories is a global leader in circular and sustainable retail solutions bringing supply chain, logistics, metrics and market expertise in the durability and reuse equation. Pact holds facilities globally including operations in the United States, Asia, South America, Australia with over 1,000 valued employees that help to supply over 8,000 retail locations every day. Since 1989, Pact RA has been working with top global fashion retailers to pioneer a world-first reuse model that keeps security tags in circulation for many years and plastic completely out of landfill.

At Pact Retail Accessories, our goal is to partner with retailers & transform the global circular economy in a way that not only encourages environmental awareness and transparency, but also to assist and educate all in the reuse of their assets, whether it be hard security tags or hangers, etc. As we look to the future of Retail, it is important for Loss Prevention teams across the spectrum to align their processes and to work in a developmental space that allows for the greatest opportunities. Our partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation envelops that goal of alignment by supporting the LPF’s mission of education for the Loss Prevention industry.

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