Pact Group Wins Fonterra’s Supreme Vendor of the Year

19 December 2013

Alto won the awards for their collaboration with Fonterra on the development and launch of Anchor’s LIGHT PROOF™ bottle. With a relationship spanning well over 15 years, both companies are aligned in providing high quality products to their distinguished markets.

Alto was initially approached by Fonterra to assist in developing a milk bottle that completely blocked out any visible light. Research has shown that milk exposed to light negatively impacts the taste profile and nutritional value.

The team at Alto conducted in-depth research into the manufacturing platforms used across Italy, South Africa and Spain. Alto was then able to establish which materials, designs, machines and product handling systems would best suit Fonterra’s needs.

Together, Fonterra and Alto delivered a milk bottle that has been recognized within Fonterra as one of their best large-scale commercial projects.

Eric Kjestrup, General Manger of Alto Packaging, said: “We are proud to have partnered with Fonterra on this revolutionary initiative which has helped Fonterra differentiate its product in the market and benefited milk lovers by protecting and enhancing the flavour profile of fresh milk.”

Alto Packaging is dedicated to working with clients to innovate and deliver world class packaging solutions.

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