Pact Group Supports Woolworths’ Launch of Sustainable Product Range

8 October 2021

Pact Group has produced the packaging of a new eco-friendly range of cleaning products for Woolworths’ owned Macro brand. The innovative and sustainable packaging design for the products is primarily composed of post-consumer rHDPE or rPET. Developed specifically for Woolworths’ Macro brand, the move is expected to see approximately 45 tonnes of recycled post-consumer plastics reused and diverted from landfill annually.

The product range includes 1 litre Macro laundry liquid made from 75% rHDPE and a 500ml dishwashing liquid,  500ml multipurpose cleaner and a 500ml bath and shower cleaning product packaged in bottles made from 100% rPET.

Pact Group Managing Director and CEO Sanjay Dayal highlighted the power of industry working together to come up with a solution that helps build the circular economy.

“This is an exciting step forward for the circular economy and showcases the growing demand for Australian sourced post-consumer goods. As one of the biggest retailers across Australia and New Zealand, it is fantastic to see Woolworths helping to push forward the circular economy agenda by investing in progressive initiatives like this product line. It makes sense from a sustainability perspective, but our research also highlights that recycled packaging is something that consumers are seeking and prioritising in their purchasing decisions,” said Mr Dayal.

“Businesses like Woolworths who are acting early to integrate recycled materials into their product design will reap the benefits of securing a strong supply chain of locally recycled materials, positioning them strongly to deliver more sustainable packaging solutions increasingly demanded by consumers, industry and government” added Mr Dayal.

Pact Group has partnered and worked closely with Earthwise to develop the product range for Woolworths. Pact Group’s ongoing research and development into recycled packaging design and production has been incorporated into the breakthrough solution while Earthwise, a top selling natural cleaning products range and longstanding partner of Pact Group, is providing the cleaning liquids. The final product, which is sold under the Woolworths Macro brand, has already seen the production of  300,000 units of the laundry liquid. All products will be a part of Macro’s ongoing range.

Pact Group continues to enhance its efforts to build capacity to source and recycle waste to produce new materials, a process that contributes strongly to the circular economy.

Pact Group is working towards its aspirational targets laid out in its 2025 End of Waste Strategy:

·       By 2025 Pact Group will eliminate all non-recyclable packaging that it produces.

·       By 2025 Pact Group will have solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle all single use secondary packaging in supermarkets.

·       By 2025 Pact Group will offer 30 per cent recycled content across its packaging portfolio.

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